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Eight-bit Ace

March 30, 2009


Once upon a time i went to a concert in Sundsvall, northern Sweden. The theme of the concert was bands with ties to the city who had moved out since but were now returning for the holidays. I was there because a friend and former colleague of mine was going to play there. Having lost contact for a couple of years, I had absolutely no idea what kind of music he played. I stood through the succession of bands, clapping half-heartedly, looking for my buddy on the stage – I hadn’t even found out which band he was a part of or what he was supposed to do in it. All the bands were of the Green Day or poodle rock variety, and you could tell that these were  bankers, accountants and family fathers pretty far removed from the punkrockers they had been when they last stood on stage.

And so it was time for the very last band and there was my friend, Fredrik Stolpe. He drifted up on stage in a t-shirt and had a plastic grocery bag with him. He offhandedly waved at the audience, squinted at the stage lights, and started picking out square boxes connected with a whole lot of wires on a small picnic table center stage.

Little did i know he was going to rock the socks of every band before him and turn the night into a genuinely memorable music experience. Fredrik, under his stage name Cornbeast, plays music generated on a bunch of Gameboys. And he plays live, with the stage presence of Elvis. Imagine Jimi Hendrix making love to his guitar on stage, flying through pink clouds on acid. Now imagine him white, slightly less of an afro, and a Gameboy instead of a Gibson. That’s Cornbeast on stage. Don’t know about the acid.

When the shit hits the fan and it’s time to do an all nighter at work, i take a deep breath, put on some headphones, and listen to Cornbeast. His music puts me in the zone. You know the place, where it’s only you and the task before you and you are flying.

Download his new EP, it’s right here. You have my personal guarantee you’ll love it.

And don’t miss out on some of his older songs:



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