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This takes me back

July 13, 2009

Back in the day, i used to be a card-carrying Mac taliban, more than happy to start a religious rant at the drop of a hat. Mind you, this was back in the olden days, when sticking out for the Mac OS made you a true geek. I’m talking Win 95 days, here. My adversary, the typical Windows geek, always said the same thing. For each brilliant feature or program i pointed out on the Mac platform, they would immediately and sulkingly point out that this very same feature (or even better) did so exist in Windows. Only better, without the totally unneccesary bells-and-jingles of the Mac. And what if the Windows version was a copy of the Mac feature? The Mac platform was for losers, anyway. Just look at the market share… and so on and so forth.

iphone-3gs-digital-compassI loved these arguments, passionately. Mostly because i always felt i was winning. After all, you had only to look at the Mac to see how it was meant to be done. The finish, the care of details, the classyness… it was just right. And it was obvious that even though they hotly denied it, windows geeks knew I was right.

Now, imagine my delight that those old days of combat between Mac and the infidels seem to be coming back. This time around, it’s Windows who is the underdog and Apple the king of the hill. Everything else, though, seems mighty familiar.

When the new iPhone 3gs was announced, it was demoed with an application showcasing it’s built-in digital compass.

The app, developed by a Swedish company i believe, displays all the design and functionality aesthetic you’ve come to expect from iPhone apps. Solidly classy, to the point, simply just right design. They conform to the Apple guidelines for UI design who state that every detail in an iPhone app should be thought through and function just right. The user should be satisified with every aspect of using the application, from the placement and behaviour of buttons to animations in checkboxes and lists.

wincompassNow, the other day, i saw a list of new apps on Gizmodo (who have long since published great weekly iPhone app lists) for the Windows Mobile platform. Now, take a look at this screenshot of a Windows mobile version of a digital compass.

A Windows advocate would probably say ‘-What’s wrong with it?’ at this point. ‘-It’s way better than that fancy Apple version. When i want to use a compass app, i want clarity, not mahogany veneer. I want an un-antialiased standard windows font, a nice clear dropdown menu, and six decimal places in the mystery numbers at the bottom of the app, because when you’re in the wild, you’ll need them six decimals. And hey, brushed metal is way cool.’

Come on, Windows mobile. You’re not even trying, here.

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  1. Niclas permalink
    July 13, 2009 10:27 pm

    When you say “it’s Windows who is the underdog and Apple the king of the hill”, what aspect are you talking about? In shares of the market?

    • klahol permalink
      July 13, 2009 10:36 pm

      Well, in many aspects, but mainly that Apple is humiliating every other mobile platform with the content quality of the iTunes app store. Basically, the only man who’s standing up for Microsoft Mobile is Steve Ballmer, and he’s been taking crazy pills, as usual.

      • Niclas permalink
        July 13, 2009 10:40 pm

        So when you say that Windows is the underdog to Apple it’s not actually based on anything concrete like share of the market for instance? It’s just your opinion that Apple (still) makes better things? So it’s still pretty much like back in the Windows 95 days when you and the Windows geeks were arguing over which computer company was best?

        Just checking.

  2. klahol permalink
    July 14, 2009 7:25 am

    No, when i say that Windows is the underdog to Apple i mean that even though they have a marginally larger share of smartphones worldwide (12% to Apples 8%) Apple pwns Windows (and every other smartphone platform on actual usage (43% of web usage to Windows 5%). In my book, that makes Windows the underdog. Also, Apple has managed to create a store that has generated 1 billion + application downloads, whereas Windows doesnt even have a store. Or do they?

    • Niclas permalink
      July 14, 2009 10:23 am

      I see.

      There is, however, a lot more to both Apple and Windows than their mobile platforms.

      But I do agree that probably some 99% of the world’s population would agree that the iPhone is better than any Windows mobile device.


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