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It’s alive! ALIVE!

September 11, 2009

28932277I follow Big Spaceships tweets as if they were the word of God. BS represents exactly the kind of place i could see myself working. They really seem to prioritize playfulness in their work method and i have come to believe that that may well be the key to untapping ginormous founts of raw, unprocessed creativity. Anything good I’ve ever done has been the result of A. it being fun or B. it being impossible. Either of those two, or better yet a combination, opens the possibility of that  tunnel-vision-must-get-this-done-omg-its-brilliant experience.

So. Wiping slobber from chin, controlling breathing. The other day, BS tweeted a beta invite to Corpsify, and specifically asked for illustrators and designers. Being both, i applied, and got my beta key. Corpsify is a collaborative drawing game, the classic folded paper one we all did as kids. Apparently, the gruesome name is actually a reference to surrealistic art. Lovely.

The experience of being on paternity leave leaves me with a pretty big itch to scratch in the creativity department. This project is certainly fun, and doing it well is a challenge. Consequently, I’m loving it. Big Spaceship were kind enough to mention the fellow on the left. That gleam in his eyes is my doing. More to come.

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