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The joy of a fresh start-up

November 6, 2009

startupGood morning to you, Sir or Madam! I feel like I am standing in my newly opened shop, moustache freshly waxed and white apron a-gleaming.

We are in Appville, in the iPhone territories, and thar’s gold in them thar hills. As we all know. However, the real gold rush has been going for a while, now, and it’s pretty crowded here in Appville. One hundred thousand published applications. Two billion downloads.  The days of the huge gold strikes are over, and even though the odd prospector still strikes rich, it’s the marketplace itself that’s gonna make your dreams come through.

I am about to start a company that lives off the fact that the iPhone app store represents an economic ecosystem in itself, where marketing can make enormous difference. Sure, I’ll develop apps of my own, but the really exciting things will happen in app development that ties into relationship marketing, event marketing, or just plain old advertising. And as for the apps I’ll develop myself, I’ll do campaigns in viral, guerilla and social marketing, and see where that leads me. If I’m successful, I’ll see the results immediately in the sales figures for the apps I market. My experience, from having worked with digital media at major league ad agencies for fifteen years, is that advertising is most fun when it makes a real difference. Marketing for myself, I’ll get to see if what i did had any effect, and if it did, hey, I could get rich.

And how will i go about doing this? Well, I decided to start in the right direction and begin with the wall clock.KA4977_500_373 I’ve found a real nice one from Karlsson clocks. It will go nice with a cool, yet affordable, desk from IKEA. And on that I’ll splurge and buy myself an Apple Cinema Display. I’ll need an office to put all this stuff in. And I’ll need to decide exactly what I’ll do in my office.

But since i already have the clock, all these other things will work themselves out. I’m already at work with a deck that will explain what i mean to do to prospective partners and clients. So far, it’s five slides, where one is the word “AWESOME” in a fat font on a black background.

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