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Hey… free idea! Catch!

December 4, 2009

Resurrected an old hard drive that lay collecting dust in the bin for electronics I’ve been meaning to recycle. Plugged it in, and discovered my main hard drive from aught-three. Oh, the memories! Sitting here, listening to the music i stole yesteryear, (Gorillaz! Where did you go?) i stumbled across an idea i made a sketch of. Back in the olden days, we pretty much all worked on the assumption that ideas were money in the bank, given that you protected them with enough secrecy and NDA:s.I thought this idea was brilliant, so naturally i told no-one about it. And since it just got within inches of going in the actual, physical recycle bin, you can have it. You ready? Here you go:

I give you Chateau Default.

Case: You have a wineyard. In your wine stock you have some lackluster wines that have the potential to sell well but just don’t take off. You have the irrational urge to become rich like Elvis.

Solution: Pull one of your less successful wines and rebrand it Chateau Default. The logo is simple, the image symbol from internet explorer. Pow. You’re done.

I can practically guarantee you that the gen-x nerds who buy wine, if they’re anything like me, will guzzle Chateau Default like there’s no tomorrow. Just picture it: There you are, a middle aged dot net programmer with a slight bulge to the midriff and a receding hairline, and your task is to come home with a couple bottles of passable red wine for the weekend. You are tired. All the wines look the same to you. What will you choose?

Bah. Go with Chateau Default.

Hey, that’s not a bad tagline, either. Damn, there really is no off switch on the genius button.


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