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Corporate Klas versus Art Klas – FIGHT!

November 17, 2010

Ok, folks, welcome to the annual Corporate versus Art Klas smackdown. Today, we have quite the fight for you, between these two giants. In one corner, the slightly thin-haired Art Director, veteran of both Grey and Ogilvy, with almost 15 years experience of art boards, pitches, three-letter acronyms and countless cups of lukewarm espresso, the one and only Corporate Klas!

In the other corner, the paint-stained chainsmoker with horn-rimmed glasses and way, way too much cheap hair gel, a man so devoid of work ethic even other art students think he’s lazy, wearing cowboy boots and a duffel coat, the inimitable Art Klas!

These two are the antithesis of one another and yet they live in the same body! Their fight has gone on since 1971 and tonight it comes to a head! Let’s get ready to rrrrumble!

Round 1:

Ooo! Corporate Klas opens the fight with a nice, corporate website! Lots of grey there. Looks like a full redesign of a major Swedish company, Ragn-Sells Miljökonsult AB. Nice one!

Well, Art Klas is reeling, and who can blame him. That is a corporate website, right there. Solid professional. Corporate Klas has really brought the pain. Let’s see what the paint-smeared one does to get out of this corner.

Round 2

Whoa! Is that… what is that? It’s a website devoted to finding the muppets hidden all around us? Oh, my god, it is. Look at Corporate Klas. He’s gone pale as a sheet.

Well people, that is pretty far from serious business. Look’s like classic Art Klas. Not making anyone any money, and involves sticking muppet eyes to public places and snapping pictures. It’s even open for anyone to contribute.

So what do you say, who wins this first bout? Looks like an even match to me. Tell me what you think!

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