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Hangover? There’s an app for that.

November 29, 2010

Designed by Scientists! Yes, that is a quote from Kick-Ass.

The guy at the hardware store looked a bit nervously at me. I had just bought what could only amount to a serial killer outfit. Paper coveralls, face masks, latex gloves. And there was this psycho gleam in my eye as well. But i was not about to go all Dexter Morgan on someone, i was just feeling more inspired than i had in a long time. The guys to thank for that are World’s Best Bars together with web agency Great Works. They are hosting an app design contest in which you are to come up with the perfect app for WBB and make a movie presenting it. Just reading about the competition made me cackle with glee. I had already made one film about my virtual bartender app idea, when my pal Johan just rattled off a whole string of excellent app ideas. Sadly, I only had time to do one, and behold, it’s the beerB4wine application.

What does the app do? Oh, nothing much…. it just CURES HANGOVER. Or more to the point, prevents it from even occurring. What could be better for a network of the world’s best bars?

How does it work, you ask? Well, of course, i cannot go into the extremely complex calculations that take place, fully tapping the raw processing power of the iPad, but i can tell you that it uses an ancient formula at it’s core, which i can show you the German version of below:

“Bier auf Wein lass es sein,
Wein auf Bier dass rate ich Dir.”

Please take a moment to stop by the World’s Best App competition site and vote for my application to win.


After all, i think it is our responsibility to the world and future generations to cause an application like this to be created.

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