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I am worried about Earl

December 2, 2010

It all started out so well. The app was designed, the movie created, and Sympathetic Earl was just so excited. It seemed he really could have a shot at competing with the other app ideas. The only thing left was some support from his friends. Earl seemed blissfully unconcerned with this stage of the competition. “-I have lots of friends”, he said, bubbling with joy. “-They will see me for the beautiful creature I am and vote for me. I am just so happy!”

So the days went, and it was time for voting. Earl was excited. However, pretty soon we started seeing Earl change. His normal, happy demeanor changed to being quiet for long periods of time, subdued. After a few days he stopped shaving and looked tired. Nothing seemed to make him laugh anymore.

Naturally, we were concerned. At first, we thought he was having a bad day. Anybody can have a bad day. But then day became days, and soon it had been a whole week. And Earl was getting worse, not better.

It turned out that Earl had not gotten the support from his friends he was hoping for and expecting. After four days of voting, he has only gotten 22 votes. To put that in perspective, the leader in the competition is now at 153 votes and rising fast. As it stands now, Earl won’t even place in the top ten needed to come before the jury and have a shot at winning.

I am afraid for Earls mental health. He’s just sitting there, staring out the window. He’s not himself. He’s not even sympathetic anymore, just pathetic. I can’t stand to see him this way. I can’t understand why this had to happen. Is it because Earls friends don’t understand the voting system? It’s pretty obtuse:

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