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2011 – Year Of The Colleague

March 1, 2011

2010 was the year of app design. I spent the year really getting my feet wet in the area of app design, user interface design, and overall app marketing strategy. I learned valuable lessons about the intricacies of the interaction with the app programmer. I marveled at the geekiness of Apples Interface Builder. I gasped at the anarchy that is Android development. I met and worked with a bunch of talented programmers. Some of them i dressed up and had them act scientists for me. Some of them wore leather coats and could simulate the movement of a meatball across a plate of pasta in no time. In 2010 I’ve accomplished a number of things I wanted to do:

  • Designed applications for businesses, ad agencies, products in iOS for iPhone and iPad. Thoroughly gotten to know the Apple ecosystem for app development.
  • Designed and produced a branded Android application, working on all existing Android platforms, for a top international brand.
  • Designed, created and published my own app and put it up for sale on the app store. The app will be a testbed for trying different type of app marketing and measuring their effect.
  • Practiced application marketing using film and social media, taking part in and becoming a finalist in the World’s Best App Competition.
  • Fostering corporate culture by finally buying a Force FX Lightsaber to use in my future office. I went overboard and threw in a Darth Vader helmet with voice changer as well. They’re sitting unpacked in my apartment, now, because i need a new office filled with new colleagues. This is why I am declaring this year to be

2011 – Year Of The Colleague

To be frank: I want to work with, and close to, people like myself. Being a lone wolf Überlancer is an excellent way to make a living, but if you’re  a group, you can accomplish so much more. I want to work with cross media, cross competence creatives, who want to do great things but like me believe that only when you’re having fun, when you’re inspired, can you do your best work. Companies like Big Spaceship and IDEO and Pixar. None of which have an office in Stockholm. And having experienced two recessions while working at Grey and Ogilvy, I’ve seen firsthand that being an employee at someone else’s company may be fun in the short run, but in the end, you’re just an expendable asset like anybody else. You don’t see very many 65-year old Art Directors accepting a golden watch from a grateful employer.

So the plan is still to try and create something of my own. Maybe together with another company. Maybe as an employee, but with a stake. I need to feel that my work goes towards building something I have a part of.

First order of business is finding a new office. Digital Labs, whom I’ve been sharing office space with, are moving on, and I’ve decided I’m not going to move with them. Last time I looked for an office, I wanted it to be a tower. This time, I want it to be roomy enough to swing a lightsaber.

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